Citizens for North County

open letter to the merchants of the Carlsbad village association

To the Merchants of the Carlsbad Village Association:

TODAY, Carlsbad citizens will vote on Measure A. Citizens for North County fought hard for the right of the people to vote on this project, and now we are fighting for the facts about this project to be heard.

One of CNC’s biggest concerns about Measure A is its effect on the small businesses in our downtown village. We would like to share with you some facts about the financial aspects of Measure A, and how it will impact you:

-The City of Carlsbad’s own analysis of this project states that small businesses in Carlsbad will see a revenue reduction for 12-18 months after the Caruso Affiliated mall is built. (9212 report, p. 34).

-An independent financial analysis by the City of Carlsbad found that surplus demand for Caruso’s retail project was overstated by 52% (RSG report, p 2). Yet another independent analysis found that retail demand was overstated by 81% (HRA report, p. 17). Therefore, there is not enough retail demand to support both a mall and the small downtown businesses.

-On Tuesday, Feb 16th, the Carlsbad City Council updated the city’s mobility plan to include a visitor-serving trolley. This trolley will be funded by the city and used to shuttle visitors to other areas of Carlsbad, including Legoland, hotels, and Caruso Affiliated’s new mall, away from the village area.

Our volunteers have spent a lot of time during the last few months walking the downtown area, and talking to residents and tourists alike. And do you know what the tourists tell us? They like Carlsbad just the way it is. They come to our city for the beach, the weather, the campground, and the quaint downtown shops and restaurants. They don’t want Carlsbad to change. And neither do we.

Measure A is a 397-page initiative that will become law in Carlsbad. It cannot be changed, even by our city council, for 15 years. Never before in Carlsbad has a project been allowed to avoid our existing planning and environmental review processes.

Mr. Caruso is fond of saying “all boats rise with the tide.” Well, not when the tide is a negative tide. And based on our factual research, there is no question that Measure A will have a negative effect on Carlsbad and small businesses like yours.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at with your questions or concerns. Together, let’s Save Carlsbad on February 23rd.


Citizens for North County

Citizens for North County, No on Measure A With Major Funding by Westfield, LLC * ID# 1380112.