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Citizens for North County, No on Measure A With Major Funding by Westfield, LLC * ID# 1380112. 

Carlsbad isn't the only community facing a proposal without plan details; one that lacks parking, yet promises traffic, too-dense storefronts and exempts itself from the city's specific plan... Below is from a community group in Pacific Palisades, called 'Protect our Village.'

"(Caruso) promised to 'create a street that reflects the community it will serve.' Mr. Caruso has invited our comments and suggestions on his plans, but we have found that it is difficult to provide without thorough analysis of the details and the potential impacts.

While we all look forward to having a vibrant Village, many in the community have raised legitimate concerns about the current Caruso plans. These include:

• A densely crowded 50 storefronts (plus building management and community room space). By comparison, The Grove houses 56 storefronts in 5 times the space.

• Not enough parking spaces to support increased visitors, employees or residents.

• Buildings and signage at heights much higher than permitted, some located directly across from homes.

• Several elements that will increase traffic gridlock on Sunset and throughout the Village. This will affect every Palisades resident, not just those who live near the Village.

• Ten liquor licenses, which will make the Palisades a late night destination and create additional traffic issues and hazards.

• Numerous exemptions from the Palisades Specific Plan, an important zoning law established 30 years ago to protect our community from out-of-scale development.

Protect Our Village is a place where you can learn more and have a voice. Individually, we are neighbors. Together, we can ensure that our Village thrives."

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