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Citizens for North County, No on Measure A With Major Funding by Westfield, LLC * ID# 1380112. 

9212 Report, Appendix N Traffic Study:

North Coast Corridor Public Works Plan:

Traffic comments from Citizen, Carl Lawson:

"Information published or produced by the City of Carlsbad is intentionally not disclosing the fact that the 85/15 project will have significant and unavoidable traffic impacts on Interstate 5, from La Costa Avenue to Carlsbad Village Drive.
(see Tables 12, 20, and 28 of the Traffic Study, Appendix N).

The City’s traffic consultant for the 9212 report provided a third-party review of the developer’s Traffic Study. The consultant was directed by the City to not provide comments on the developer’s Traffic Study analysis for Interstate 5 because the freeway is not part of the City’s surface streets. It just so happens that I-5 is the most frequently used roadway by the majority of residents, workers, and visitors in Carlsbad.

Significant traffic impacts from the 85/15 mall will be magnified when Caltrans starts construction on Interstate 5. According to Caltrans and SANDAG (see Phasing Plan for North Coast Corridor Public Works Plan, Table 6A-1), the I-5 corridor project will start this year and is projected to be completed by the year 2040, a period of 24 years. The first phase of construction, expected to be completed in 2020, consists of extending the HOV lane from Manchester Ave. to SR-78. From 2021 to 2030, two northbound/southbound express lanes will be constructed from Manchester Avenue to Palomar Airport Road, along with associated auxiliary lanes and interchange improvements in this segment. From 2031 to 2040, construction of express lanes, rebuilt interchanges (including Cannon and Tamarack), and auxiliary lanes would continue from Palomar Airport Road to Highway 78. All of the four North County lagoon bridges will be replaced during this 24-year period.

It’s important to note that the developer’s traffic study and City’s 9212 report do not address traffic impacts of the 85/15 project in conjunction with the congestion effects related to 24 years of freeway construction activity.

Table 28 of the developer’s Traffic Study indicates that, even with the ultimate improvements expected to be completed in 2040, significant traffic impacts from the proposed mall will remain. Again, these impacts would occur on freeway segments from La Costa Avenue to Carlsbad Village Drive. The City Council and developer claim that the environmental analysis conducted by the developer is a CEQA-level evaluation. However, under CEQA, if ultimate improvements don’t fully mitigate traffic impacts, then a developer’s fair-share contribution towards the improvements does not fully mitigate traffic impacts either. Furthermore, common sense and CEQA dictate that fair-share contributions for road improvements do not reduce traffic impacts that would occur before the road improvements are built. If the developer actually had prepared a legally-defensible EIR, the EIR would conclude that the 85/15 project would have significant traffic impacts on Interstate 5 that are unavoidable."

- Carl Lawson

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