Citizens for North County, No on Measure A With Major Funding by Westfield, LLC * ID# 1380112. 

Measure A supporters claim “traffic will improve” with the mall.

The Truth:

Measure A will bring nearly 13 million annual visitors and more than 35,000 new vehicle trips per day. Adding a few stoplights will not improve traffic. True freeway improvements are years away. Past Caruso Affiliated projects have promised “traffic mitigation,” but the reality is that those communities live with the same traffic gridlock we can expect here.

• Most of the 13 million annual visitors and more than 35,000 vehicle trips per day will use I-5.

All 5 freeway segmentsfrom La Costa Avenue to Carlsbad Village Drive are WORSE with the mall development even under Caruso’s own traffic study AFTER all the CalTrans improvements are made! (Appendix N, Traffic Impact Analysis, p 56)

• There is no real schedule for actual freeway widening through Carlsbad because the $ 3.1 B project only has about 15% of its funding in place.

• The I-5 Cannon ramp will NOT be improved until 2035. (CalTrans letter to City of Carlsbad, July 24, 2015)

• Most of the new “smart” adaptive signal technology stoplights touted by the developer will be installed with or WITHOUT the mall as part of the City’s traffic plan, paid for by the taxpayers.

We are a city of 110,000. Adding a few stoplights and restriping a few intersections is NOT going to handle 35,000 new vehicle trips per day – one third of our entire population. Traffic will simply be a nightmare. How much of your life do you want to spend sitting in traffic? Measure A = Gridlock!

Please help #SaveCarlsbad!  Vote
No on Measure A!  We are not LA! 

Citizens for North County