Citizens for North County

Citizens for North County, No on Measure A With Major Funding by Westfield, LLC * ID# 1380112. 


Carlsbad City Council is fully responsible for this fiasco known as Measure A, by having adopted it and having remained steadfast in its support of this measure, fully aware of the fundamental hypocrisy built into it. The City Council also knows that it takes away specific powers granted to it by the Constitution of the State of California and the People of Carlsbad for 15 years. These powers are enumerated in the City Charter. [See Sections 100, 300 and 700].

The purpose of the Specific Plan (Measure A) stated right under the Title on Page 1, Section 2 of the Initiative is as follows: “The purpose of the AH-SP Initiative is to ...adopt the Specific Plan...and make conforming amendments to the General Plan (1994), Zoning Code, and to the Agua Hedionda Land Use Plan (1982).” Okay, we get that.

But then after 50 or so pages later we read this!: “If any provision of this Specific Plan is inconsistent or conflicts with the requirements of the Carlsbad Municipal Code or other applicable, adopted rule, regulation, or official policy of the City, as they existed on the date of filing the Notice of Intent to Circulate the Specific Plan Initiative,...the provisions of this Specific Plan shall take precedence, control, and govern in the Specific Plan area.”

Okay, now we really get it! Thanks for the clarification!

The above quoted provisions are incongruous, inconsistent and nonconforming, but represent, nevertheless, the very essence of Measure A itself: Deception.

How can our City Council relinquish its power to amend or repeal anything in this Specific Plan for 15 years?

We have a civic duty to protect our freedoms! Vote NO on this power grab!

-M.Schertzer, retired teacher and attorney

By Michael Schertzer, retired teacher and attorney