"This whole project has been rooted in deception from the start. There's simply no question that Caruso lied to the people of Carlsbad in order to drum up support for the original initiative. From the original Caruso signature gatherers telling people to sign the petition to save the strawberry fields, conveniently without any mention that it was really about building a mall, to mass marketing collateral seeking... signatures to "put it on the ballot," to Caruso's claims that he would foot the bill for the cost of any special election. Despite countless number of people complaining to the city council about this behavior in public and private meetings, despite being shown print marketing documenting Caruso's deception, the mayor and city council instead ratified and gave their approval to this conduct. They ignored their constituents in favor of an outside LA Developer. They took away the right to vote that had been promised to many. That's messed up.

Furthermore, to date, not one of them (to my knowledge) has made any sort of public statement condemning how this all went down, that there were some serious flaws in the execution. To the contrary, shortly after the initial August vote, Hall joined forces with Caruso to slam the burgeoning movement of concerned locals as something led by corporate and outside interests. The sheer hypocrisy of it all is stunning. Add all of this to Hall's disrespectful and dismissive conduct towards people at city council meetings, and, well, you'll understand why people are so angry. People don't like being lied to, and people really don't like being told by elected officials that it was ok that they were lied to.

Now, to add further insult to injury, the specific initiative we're actually voting on is so short on actual specifics about what this damn thing is, what it is going to look like, that we're essentially being asked to just trust Caruso. We'll have to trust that Caruso will have our best interests in mind as things move forward. Imagine that, being asked to trust the guy who has been lying to you from the get go. What chutzpah.

And I haven't even mentioned that the city council and mayor are allowing the very developer who lied to the people of Carlsbad to play by a different set of rules than the rest of us have to play by. To be honest, the fact that anyone can vote Yes on A and support this boggles my mind. While you might be ok with it this time because it's a project you favor, you're sure to be up in arms when the elected officals of Carlsbad allow this kind of thing to happen on something you oppose.

And hey, it's not like anyone on the city council would vote against something for the very reason that an approval would allow somebody to play by a different set of rules right? * Cough la costa rentals cough cough * "

- Todd Macey

Citizens for North County

Rooted in deception

- A Statement by Todd Macey