For Immediate Release: September 24, 2015

For More information :  Diane Nygaard
                                     Citizens for North County

Citizens for North County will be submitting their petitions for the Referendum Against an Ordinance Passed by the Carlsbad City Council Ordinance CS- 283.

This referendum protests the adoption of this Ordinance by the City Council and requests the City Council to repeal said ordinance.  Upon verification of signatures of not less than 10% of the registered voters of the city of Carlsbad this repeal will result in submission of this ordinance to a vote of the people of Carlsbad.

In spite of massive efforts by Caruso Affiliated to deny the people the right to vote on this project we believe democracy will prevail.

The petitions will be formally submitted to the city of Carlsbad at 3:00 pm today- Thursday September 24, 2015.


Citizens for North County