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A lot of you have asked us about parking at the lagoon mall, therefore volunteers went out to seek the answers. We brought the question up at both the informational tent, and at a meeting with Caruso himself last evening (Jan 11).

We were told there would be 3,500 parking spaces, in a 4 story parking garage (1 floor would be underground). To give that number some context, we've provided images from the Caruso property, The Grove. We feel it is a fair comparison as The Grove is approximately 600,000 square feet retail space, which is similar in size to the proposed 585,000 square foot lagoon mall.

The Grove has approximately 3,500 parking spaces to accommodate the 18 million visitors per year.

One thing we haven't seen are images of the parking structure itself in any of the watercolor paintings, so we are including images of existing Caruso parking structures to this post, for reference.

Please note, you must pay to park at the Grove and at most Caruso Affiliated properties.
Caruso/Grove Parking Rates are as follows:
Self Parking Rates:
- $4 for the 2nd hour / $5 for 3rd hour
- $1 each 15 minutes thereafter
- $24 daily max at 7th hour (420 min)
No validations accepted for valet parking.

What about parking at the proposed farm stand or at the restaurant?
We were informed there would be an additional 200 spaces of parking for the farm stand and restaurant. You can find those on the Caruso Affiliated watercolor layout, under the grove of trees (to further clarify, this is the acreage we were told was gifted as "open space" and not used to be used as commercial, it is parking.).

Caruso Affiliated has a similar feature at The Grove, a Farmer's Market. You must pay to park there, too, though there is validation available. Rates are below.

Parking is available in either of the Market's two convenient lots. Parking rates are enforced 24 hours a day.

Parking Rates WITH Validation / The Grove Farmer's Market
2 hours free validation with purchase from a Farmers Market merchant
$4 for the third hour
$1 for each additional 15 minutes
$20 maximum
*Lost ticket pays maximum

Parking Rates WITHOUT Validation
$2 for each 15 minutes
$24 maximum
*Lost ticket pays maximum

We have not been able to confirm in any forum the number of parking spots available for people wishing to use any trails or open space, or whether or not the parking would be paid.

We hope this information helps you and we'd be happy to find more for you.


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