Citizens for North County

1. Couldn’t something much worse be built on this land?

“How many of you are aware that this land is not currently zoned for a mall?” Measure A actually CHANGES the zoning to ALLOW for a mall! The uses this land is currently zoned for are things like a hotel, a museum, or a civic center, which are things that are much more appropriate for this piece of property.

Measure A proposes building a 585,000 square foot shopping mall. That’s twice the size of the Carlsbad Premium Outlets mall and the size of 5 typical Walmart stores. Any project going through the standard process would need to comply with the General Plan- and would be much smaller. And be assured- our existing zoning does not allow a Walmart on this site!

The question that should be asked- couldn’t something much better be built on this land? The answer to that is a resounding “YES.” Cities all around us are enhancing their public gathering spaces. Newport’s newly opened, harbor-side community facility boasts state of the art banquet facilities, private restaurants with beach and dockside moorings so boaters can stop, stroll, shop and dine. To the south of us, Encinitas is planning an arts center on an abandoned school site that overlooks the coast. Imagine the possibilities for this land- if we had a real community process to come up with the best plan- not what one developer wants to build.

2. Won’t Measure A bring a lot of jobs?

Measure A will bring minimum wage jobs, not the type of jobs that will allow people to afford to live in Carlsbad. Carlsbad has spent a lot of taxpayer money on “Innovate 78” a regional development plan with Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, and Escondido to attract high paying professional jobs so that people will come to North County to jobs that pay a living wage. A large part of Carlsbad’s attraction is our Carlsbad lifestyle, which the city and the public have spent years to build and protect.

Measure A defeats all of that – bringing 12.8 million visitors a year creating crowds, gridlock and traffic jams on the freeway and around Cannon Road. We don’t need minimum wage jobs. We need to create jobs in Carlsbad that will pay enough to allow people to live, work, and raise their families in Carlsbad.

Furthermore, the revenue from this project - $2.6millon per year – that’s merely $24 per year for each Carlsbad resident - 5 Starbucks coffees a year. Endless traffic jams, crowds, noise, pollution – with no relief for at least 20 years for the price of a few cups of coffee.

There are better jobs to create and better ways to raise revenue. We only have 3 lagoons. They are precious. Shopping centers are a dime a dozen.

3. We want access to the open space. Measure A promises to build those trails.

The City of Carlsbad has already set aside $5 million dollars for trails per Proposition C in 2002. We can still have the trails, if the city would just spend the money that’s been allocated for years. Type your paragraph here.

4. If No on A wins, what is the next step?

The next step will be for the City to actually implement the existing plan for the trails around the Agua Hedionda Lagoon and to link them with the existing trail system. Funds to do that were approved by the voters over 10 years ago (Measure C in 2002) and are sitting in a reserve account.

In addition, Caltrans is interested in a few acres of the property zoned for development that lie close to the freeway for future expansion of I-5 direct access express access ramps. Cannon Road has been deemed the only viable area to provide those traffic improvements for the City of Carlsbad.

Then either a private developer proposes another project, or we as a community come up with another way to convert this land into a real community gathering space.

5. IS Citizens for North County really Westfield? 
It is common knowledge that CARUSO AND WESTFIELD are archrivals. When westfield decided to donate $75K to us, with no strings attached, As a grassroots campaign, we were more than happy to put this relatively small amount to good use. The Westfield donation to Citizens for North County is about 1% of the over $7 million that Caruso Affiliated has spent so far trying to pass Measure A. This is really a David vs. Goliath story – a story about a group of dedicated Carlsbad citizens from all walks of life and from all parts of town, joining together to stand up for what’s best for our hometown, versus a billionaire Los Angeles developer trying to destroy our Carlsbad lifestyle and turn us into another LA. This billionaire doesn’t care about us, and he doesn’t care about Carlsbad. All he wants to do is sell us a mall.